What is Otaku?

Some say that Otaku 

(おたく) is a way of life, a hobby, some say that it is when someone is obsessed by every and all things Japan. (anime, manga, culture, language, etc...)

Who is to say?

Be it a smidgen of curiosity or an extreme addiction

The only person that can decide that is 


In some ways, to a degree, being an Otaku  means that you were exposed to things that you would normally not experience. 

In Japan, there is a district that is full of anime stores, manga storescosplaying, maid cafés, video games and manotheJapanese popular culture paraphernalia.

This district is called Akihabara. (Akiba for short)


There is another place in Japan that specializes in otaku interests with its animation, manga, maid cafés and cosplay café, etc. It is called Nipponbashi. 

It is located in the shopping district of Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Japan.  

Nipponbashi is often compared against Akihabara.  

The majority of the stores are held in a place called 

Den Den Town.